Richter Lyons

Rough, Tough, and Inibreated the missunderstood side of fighting


Having lost his farther and driven from his home town, Richter thought it would have been better to die on the cold forest floor. As he lay bleeding from the lash wounds on his body the numbness spreading from hands and feet, he remembers one simple fact, that he can never return to his town, that no one will miss him, that he is completely alone.

“I’m sorry father,... i… i couldn’t live up…to what you wanted for me…” ... ... “Sorry laddey, but ‘a ain’t yourr daddy”

A low grumble of a voice speaks to him as a stumpy hand lifts Richter by his chest and carries him off into the forest.

Fate seemed to smile upon this lowly boy, and sent him a guardian to guide him through his harshest times. His savior and mentor came in the form of a rough spoken dwarf, which Richter came to know only as Master. From then on Master took Richter under his wing and tought him how to fight his way through the hard crust of a bitter unforgiving world and make a place for himself among the greatest of bardic tales. Richter’s real story begins when he is sent to town for food and supplies, but this mundane task quickly turns into a life long lesson of trust, patience and friendship, its name was Joop Dee Nyfer…

Richter Lyons

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